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transform your problems into profits.

Elite marketing & management consulting for business owners and executives


evolve into the apex of your industry with brilliant minds + bold solutions.

the spark

maximize your marketing


Advanced Lead-Generation & Marketing Systems
  • Tap into new channels, audiences, and sources of revenue
  • Leverage relationship management to increase lifetime value
  • Set up sustainable systems for quality inbound leads on autopilot
  • Join or build industry-specific referral networks & partnerships
Brand Identity & Design Solutions
  • Craft an integrated brand, logo, theme, and visual identity
  • Build a universal brand book + font family + design templates to use
  • Develop a modern design strategy and workflow for your team
  • Collab with elite artists & designers for: digital, print, and packaging
Creative Content & Multimedia Productions
  • Steal fresh ideas for content/campaigns from our brilliant creatives
  • Develop multimedia campaigns (text, email, photo, video, audio, event)
  • Create a branded production – podcast, video series, local event
  • Craft a content marketing strategy + system + infrastructure
User Experience & Interface Optimization
  • Reveal flaws, pain points, and drop-offs in your customer experience
  • Collect first-person data and feedback from your target audience
  • Mediated focus groups to improve brand/product/service/site
  • Insightful user analytics, tracking, and reporting systems 
Artist, Influencer & Partnership Management
  • Partner with mega-influencers, artists, and celebrities
  • Partner with micro-influencers, activists, and niche stakeholders
  • Discover & arrange organic symbiotic partnerships + deals
  • Sponsor high-value artists, productions, and events
Interim/Remote CMO + Marketing Team Solutions
  • Hand off any level of marketing responsibilities to free up bandwidth
  • Gain stability with an interim CMO during crisis or extended hiring
  • Hire a remote CMO for cost effective elite marketing
  • Revenue-share and equity arrangements may be available

the spear

optimize your operations


Technology & Automation Architecture
  • Build a custom stack of tech + tools to match your business model
  • Integrate website, email, advertising, social media, and more together
  • Set automation systems to eliminate inefficiencies and recurring tasks
  • Hassle-free tech takeovers & on-demand IT support for tools/software
Business Intelligence & Data Science Strategy
  • Current + target audience research & buyer persona development
  • Psychographic + demographic data science & behavior analysis
  • Measure & monitor KPIs with analytics, reporting, and dashboards
  • Enable predictive, conversational, and AI-based marketing
Business Development & Management Systems
  • Research, prospecting, and sales systems + strategies + software
  • CRM setup, management, training, and infrastructure development
  • Internal team communication & project management tools
  • Build client/customer portals, tools, and management systems
Advanced Training & Executive Coaching
  • Psychology-based sales strategies, techniques, and coaching
  • Executive leadership and management guidance or takeovers
  • Personality-driven management strategy & team development
  • Transition, crisis, and cooperative leadership practice
Industry Research, Compliance & Counsel
  • Deep market research, competition analysis, & opportunity discovery
  • Industry-specific communication compliance (FDA, SEC, FCC, etc.)
  • General counsel support and situation-specific legal referrals
  • General management & support for licensing, trademarks, patents
Interim/Remote COO & HR Solutions
  • Hand off any management & HR responsibilities to free up bandwidth
  • Gain stability with an interim COO during crisis or extended hiring
  • Hire a remote COO for more cost effective systems + operations
  • Revenue-share and equity arrangements may be available

brilliant minds


bold solutions

here’s how to level up:

1 // MEET

2 // PREP





1 // MEET

apply for a free 30-60 minute intro session

Unload your problems.

Clarify business details, current situation, and desired situation.

Set soft targets, goals, and consulting preferences.

2 // PREP

craft a laser-focused solution with targeted talent

1-3 pros work on your problem(s) and goals.

Interactive consulting sessions, strategy playbook creation, and delivery.

Extensive data-driven research, testing, training, and coaching


run the play yourself – or hand it off to the pros

 Use your playbook + training to execute with your own team.

OR… Let us take care of it all for you. 

Your campaign is executed by elite talent & agency partners 


turn info into insight – find the story hiding in your data

Track data and performance metrics with advanced tools.

Convert data into actionable insights (interactive consulting sessions).

Monitor and share success with reports + dashboards.


do it better for v2.0 (repeat from step 2)

Macro-level consulting, coaching, and vision accountability.

Continuous market adaptation and optimization.

Enhance personal & professional relationship with your talent.

start the (r)evolution.

transform your brand in 90 days.

hourly pricing:

you Insert problems. we output solutions. 

executive pricing:

you set the role. we handle it all.

no consulting today?

no problem.

start your evolution anyways.


Join today for:

Premium playbooks, tools, and resources

Advanced data trends & insights

Pro lifehacks & lessons for elite performance

Elite marketing playbooks, lessons & insights

any questions?

Will you work with my business/industry?

We work with anyone serious about growing or optimizing their brand/business. You’ll be connected with a consultant or team that understands your situation/industry at an elite level.

In rare cases, we may be unable to work with you due to a non-compete agreement with an existing client in your region+industry.

Start your evolution today with a quick consulting quiz.

Where do consulting sessions take place?

Most sessions take place online in a virtual meeting call. We utilize audio, video, screenshare, and interactive PDFs. All resources and recordings will be available for you to download.

Some consulting and training may require in-person sessions.

Who will I be working with?

It depends on your industry + goals. Apply now to see who will help you grow.

In most cases, 1 primary/lead consultant will be assigned to your account to manage all your solutions.

In some cases, 1 lead consultant + a team of 1-2 supporting consultants will be arranged.

CO-OP Consulting vs Virtual Executive

 We can help optimize your company with 1 of 2 working arrangements. Select the best option depending on your current/desired team structure


We cooperatively consult and execute with you and your team as ongoing working support. We provide playbooks, strategies and solutions.

You control execution with your team.

VIRTUAL EXECUTIVE (Consulting + Execution)

We fill an executive-equivalent role as a part of your team to directly execute on content, campaigns, and ongoing optimization. We report to you as your virtual CMO/COO.

You focus on your day-to-day role and interact with us on your own accord. And also provide approval oversight where desired.

How do I get started?

 Take this quick consulting quiz to start your evolution.

We align you with the best route forward based on your results. You’ll be connected with a lead consultant who understands your specific business, situation, and industry.

Enjoy the first meeting 100% free with no cost or commitment. If you like where things are going, and we do too – then we enter a consulting agreement best fit for your goals.

How does pricing work?


Consulting sessions and solutions are priced by billable hour. The hourly rate will depend on the consultant(s) assigned to your solution. Current rates are between $200-$400/hr.

Monthly & annual retainers save 10-25%


VIRTUAL EXECUTIVE (Consulting + Execution)

Priced by monthly retainer as a virtual salary (but paid as a contractor). Typically 20-50% less than equivalent role’s

Flat-Rate Projects & Solutions

When applicable, we offer flat-rate solution-based pricing for large projects.

How is campaign execution managed/completed?

Your Lead Solution Manager will be the director of any and all content for your business/brand. We work with a sister-agency (South Ventures) and a private network of American freelancers for content production and campaign execution. 

Content quality and performance should be at elite level. But you will have complete oversight and approval of final work published.

What's with the name?

It’s symbolism for the importance of evolution. And also analogous to the solutions/service we offer.

THE SPARK (Marketing & Creative)

The first spark in history to ignite fire shifted the trajectory of all mankind… We help you find that spark for your business.

THE SPEAR (Business & Operations)

The spear enabled man to evolve into the apex predator of Earth… We help arm you to evolve and dominate your industry.


start your evolution.